Tiny C games you can compile and run RIGHT NOW

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Tet Flappy


  • Cross-platform: Win, Mac, Linux, ...
  • No configuration or setup
  • Just click to compile and run
  • As little as 200 LOC for each game
  • Built on SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)
  • Runs with TCC (the Tiny C Compiler)

What's wrong?!

Getting into cross-platform C game programming is too hard. One misstep and you could get lost in hours/days/weeks of setup and configuration before ever getting something to run. Let's skip all that and make something anyone can run right now out-of-the-box.

The goal

The goal of tinyc.games is to have something for those interested in C game programming (the GOOD way to make games!) where:

  • You can click a thing to run real code in less than a minute after downloading it.
  • You can look at the code and understand it sometime soon (~200 lines of simple code for a simple game).
  • You can make changes to a game's code see your changes in the running game right quick.
  • NO additional configuration, Googling for downloads, or installing required.

How close are we to the goal?

  • On Windows everything you need is included in tinyc.games.
  • On Mac you'll need to install clang (it's easy!).
  • On most Linuxes you'll need to install tcc & SDL2, available from your system's package manager.

See the tiny README for specific information.

Further testing on more machines always helps!